Suggestion for Low-key/Subtle Mono Bag?

  1. Haha...I was wondering if there was such a thing? I was planning on getting the Damier Speedy, but my mom has a great dislike for Damier and highly suggests I should pick a mono piece.

    I do enjoy the look of the mono speedy, but it's so common, and wearing it on the crook of the arm seems a bit in your face. I have a friend who has a croissant which is a bit less "in-your-face", but I'm not a big fan of the shape.

    Anyone with any ideas of more subtle mono styles? I've considered the popincourt haut, but that's about it.:confused1:
  2. I say a speedy....or if not a Coussin GM,its a great low key shoulder bag,and you rarely see it but its still a great bag.
  3. I can't say that any of the mono are subtle and low key ... after all they are monogram. If you don't want to be noticed and not have a "in your face" bag yet classy, timeless and elegant ... I recommend epi speedy or lockit.
  4. Lockit.
  5. ^^ agree, what about the popincourt [​IMG]or the popincourt haut(shoulder bag)[​IMG]
    Or perhaps [​IMG]Batignolles
  6. Mono is not subtle. Maybe look at epi.
  7. i would suggest the musette tango. its a much smaller bag though. but as the others have said, maybe epi would be something to consider?
  8. epi is subtle, but you can't go wrong with mono or damier.
  9. I second the Coussin CM (loving_couture > I've noticed we have similar tastes! :supacool:).

    I've never ever seen it being carried, but I love the pillowy form. Very sporty/casual, and a youthful feel you don't see in many monogram bags. Also quite reasonably priced :yes:

  10. Beverly is a more subtle mono bag IMO.
  11. what about Mini Lin? It's like Mono but much more subtle...
  12. coussin gm since i don't see a lot of it being carried arround even here in hong kong! but i love the poppincourt haut as well as the regular lockit.
  13. i really love epi if you want subtlety but if you are into monogram, then how about the viva cite mm?
  14. Honestly, and I'm probably biased, but the Neverfull is less in your face if you really want a mono bag, since it's a very casual style. I actually was worried that I wouldn't get used to the open top, working in NYC, but I have grown to love it so much, and really love how it looks when I wear it, especially when I keep the sides in...(I have the MM).
  15. Cabbas Piano