Suggestion for keeping tube dress from falling


Piggy Fajita
Sep 19, 2007
I see cows and hills
I recently bought a really really cute tube top dress. Its made of linen type cloth so it's not heavy at all. The tube part fits fine, but i noticed that if i dont constantly monitor it, it'll start to slide down. I have a feeling that my boobs are part of the problem, its not big enough so therefore it's not keeping the tube part up. So does anyone have any suggestions? Besides putting suspenders on the dress..haha..i was thinking about doing that. Maybe like some sort of rubber band thing to put around the top of the tube?


Material Girl
Mar 27, 2008
Ontario, Canada
Hmmm...well if you're wearing a tube dress, you'd probably have to wear a strapless bra, right? So maybe you could try pinning it to your bra?
Nov 30, 2006
^oooohh...okie good idea! I'll dry run that around my house just to make sure it doesnt drag my bra down too.
If the top is light weight, I don't see why it would drag your bra down what so ever. I think celebrities use some kind of special tape to hold some of their garments in place... Maybe it would help you?

Couture Dreams

spidey kisses
Dec 29, 2007
Lovely CA
haha i was going to suggest double sided tape.

pinning it to your bra sounds good too.. let me know what works. i have this issue all the time.

darn small boobies