suggestion for handbags

  1. Hi, my friend is planning to get a new handbag. Any suggestion that can fit a 15" inches MacBook and under $1200?
  2. 15" is tough. I just got this oversized men's bag which I love, but I wouldn't carry it every day - it's heavy especially with my laptop. The laptop may need a sleeve with this:

    The brown and black shades are much more masculine than the brighter shades. It is very deep, so she will be able to fit a lot of stuff in there. I also plan to carry a small bag in it so I don't have to cart it around unnecessarily.

    Here is another option, but they have no product for sale yet and I'm not sure if there will be a size for 15" laptop.

    Michael Kors had a brown saffiano tote like this one - you can see if they have it at department stores. I could not zip the laptop compartment when I tried it with my laptop: