Suggestion for gifts which are related to ipod nano pls...

  1. My DH finally decided to buy an ipod nano for our 15yrs old dd, can someone suggest what kind of gifts will go perfectly along with this ipod? I am totally clueless when I get into this dept.:confused1:

  2. -cute case, maybe Juicy or Coach?
    -docking station stereo thing
    -good headphones (the ones that come with it are uncomfortable IMO)
    -i Tunes gift card
  3. boy or girl?

    Also get an iTunes gift card:yes: and maybe a fun skin to change the color.
  4. if they'll use it to exercise, try an armband case. if not, the suggestions already given are great - if you want to go a tad more spendy, a speaker dock is great and will allow your kid to set up their ipod to use as a stereo in their room. if you want to go a tad less spendy, a good pair of earbuds, an iTunes gift card to buy music and tv shows, and a cute case are perfect.
  5. Definetly iTunes gift cards....teenagers will love you for it!!!!! If it's a girl...they have all kinds of sparkly/pretty/trendy carrying cases!
  6. If it's for a girl: I store my iphone in a Coach wristlet. It drives me crazy that none of the cute cases have a place to store the headphones, so I started using one of my wristlets.

    A speaker doc is a great idea too. My Mom got me the ihome as one of my housewarming gifts, and I love it.

    You can't go wrong with an itunes gift card.
  7. Thanks for all your suggestions, they really help.:yes:

    Swanky Mama Of Three, the ipod is for my teenage daughter:girlsigh:. Sounds like an iTunes gc is a perfect way to go. And since she is into Tokidoki, does anyone know where I can get a fun skin in that?

    Thanks again.:flowers: