Suggestion for Bag showcase threads

  1. First of all...:tpfrox:

    Anyway..sorry if this has been posted before but I was wondering if there was a way to make viewing people's collections easier in the showcase threads. Maybe if the first post on page 1 could be edited as many times as the person who started the thread wants, so that s/he could update it every time s/he adds new pieces to her/his collection. ex: **Updates on pages 5 and 9**

    Something like that? I'm not the most creative person so
  2. I wondered the samething if it would be possible to allow user to edit their own showcase, then the pics could all be at the beiginning instead of all spread out.
  3. Yeah I always used to put something about new pages etc. but then I just got a Flickr account and whenever I add a picture of a new item to that, it shows up in my slideshow. So I have one from photobucket and one from Flickr and you can just look at the pics that way. It makes it easier.
  4. Good point, I should allow people to edit their posts in the showcase forum.
  5. That's a great suggestion!
  6. Great suggestion!
  7. Vlad do it!! Add it!! :tup:!!!
  8. ^^ Yay! You guys are great! :flowers: Thanks Vlad and Megs for your time and hard work.
  9. That would be fabulous!!! Even if we could just add a link in post #1 directing them to the most recent pages.

    Or maybe even title change: i.e. update p. 5, etc.

    tPF rocks!!! Thanks Vlad & Megs for listening to our suggestions!
  10. You should be able to edit your own posts. Let me know if it works.
  11. Thanks Vlad! That will be so great! I'll try later on tonight.
  12. This was a main reason why I hadn't put up my showcase yet, but now I can. Thanks again!
  13. Am I daft? I can't seem to see a way to do it. Should the edit button just be there?

    Please let me know :smile:
  14. Same here, can't figure this out.
  15. ^^^Ditto!