Suggestion and Photos.

  1. Looking for a new wallet to use every day.
    Could you give me your suggestions
    and photos.
  2. i would totally go with the LV PTI in the monogram or MC
  3. What's your price range? Monsac makes very nice wallets for the price if you're looking for something less expensive. I have one that I've used for about 3 years and it's still in great shape.

  4. Thanks I do not want to spend more than $500 ???
  5. Anything from the epi line maybe?
    Do you want a regular bifold with coin pocket or more like long wallet?
  6. i am a giant faN Of using LV agendas as wallets. keeps everyhting together, cost 250$ and up and super utilitarian!
    groom.jpg groom2.jpg groom3.jpg
  7. Do you put your cash in it as well?

  8. I have a bi fold lv now think is time for a long wallet.
  9. How about the Marc Jacobs zip clutch?