Suggestins for a paper receipt/coupon holder

  1. I'm so embarassed but I'm currently using a :blah: ziploc bag. Any ideas?
  2. either change purse or ludlow?
  3. That would be WAYYYYY to small. I'm talking about this plastic bag: (this is the contents I need to fit)

  4. ah ha! Large or Med(if u carry the coupon part only) Agenda will do if you fill it w/filo fax inserts of those, lock*playing fingers* ones.......and you can also put some paper inserts as some notes to jot down things :smile: Vernis agenda would be great, but it only comes in small ring, which i personally find a tab too small.
  5. hmm, antigua pochette plat or that bigger MC flat pouch maybe?

    (off-topic, but what's that cardholder on top of your plastic bag? look ssuper cute)
  6. Thanks!

    Isn't it adorable. It's hard to photograph but it's from Nordstrom. It holds a ton of CC and cash in the center and is the most beautful shade of light pink iridescent snakeskin and only $40! It came in other colors too.

  7. I tried that. I have the MC small ring agenda and it's not good for what I need.
  8. Hmm. How about a LV portfolio porte documents? Or a suhali L'indespesable or L'inseprable?
  9. Oooh, let me go check those out thanks
  10. I carry two wallets just for this reason. Smaller wallet for bills, coins, cards I use frequently. Larger zippy wallet for checkbook, infrequently used cards, coupons, receipts, etc. Works great! Both wallets are coach. I find the coach accessories are very durable and a great value. I have more money to spend on bags by using Coach accessories.
  11. what about med or large? I saw one lady use nothing but filo fax inserts in her mono large agenda, so she just 'browse' the coupons by flipping through the plastic inserts instead of taking out the whole stack and dig for it<---me:sweatdrop:

    what about mini pochette or denim flat pouch?
  12. mini pochette
  13. A medium or large ring agenda will definitely have you covered.

    The LV portfolio porte documents is a GREATY idea, but not sure if you want to haul that big thing around in your bag?
  14. I agree a medium agenda would work! I have a lot of those types of papers as well.
  15. maybe antigua pochette plate? or the new MC pochette plate? or even an actual pochette?