Suggested leather cleaner from my SA

  1. Ladies and Gents. As the maintenance devotee that I am.. I present -

    LEXOL - the leather cleaner my SA suggested I use on my Mahala Black Calfskin. As I quote: "There is a very good leather cleaner and conditioner named LEXOL and it can be found at most shoe repair shops , some auto parts stores also may have it or you can probably find it on line."

    This is from my SA. Please do your research as well before plunging in. Try this with your own discretion.

    Thought I might share this info with you. This comes in spray bottle too. Reminds me of the leather spray that came up in one of the threads. I googled it and here's a helpful link:

    Hope everyone's having a fabulous day! :jammin:
  2. Thanks for posting this.
    Lexol is kind of heavy duty ..I'm kind of surprised thats what they suggested:confused1:

    I used it on my crusty horse bridals and saddles and use apple guard on my personal items.
    let us know how it works for you :smile:
  3. As I researched more and read more about Lexol, I believe they have different kinds. Yup, I'll keep you posted. I have other cleaners and moisturizers too. I'll see how it does.
  4. I agree with Lady I am also a rider and have used it on saddles, bridals, and boots and it does do a good job cleaning but it is very heavy. I am not sure if I would trust it on my bags. I know there are different types of Lexol but I think they are all made for less delicate items.
  5. Oh wow.. :shocked: Glad I posted this before buying the cleaner. I love my SA but experience speaks for itself. Thanks Lady and Faurecia. Anyone else's two cents?

    Does AppleGard serve as a moisturizer too?
  6. Wow I'm really shocked that an SA has suggested any sort of cleaner or protectant.

    The SA's in UK do not recommend using any products at all.
  7. AppleGarde is the protectant. Apple also makes a leather conditioner. I have not had to use it on anything Choo. But I have used the conditioner on Balenciaga bags, whose leather (goat? lamb? read about the great labeling scandal: is sometimes dry and can crack. The conditioner performed well, but darkened the color.
  8. Jbrugh - Unfortunately - no Burlington Coat Factory in the horizon.
    Thanks for the screening! I'm going for it! :yes: I rem you use the Spray
    as protectant. Have you used the actual cleaner and moisturizer?
  9. I have used the conditioner only twice. It is like a lotion in consistency, and I applied it using a soft piece of cotton towel. The conditioner is NEVER for suedes or reptile skin.

    None of my Choo bags ever needed the conditioner. But a couple of my Balenciaga bags arrived dry. The use of the conditioner will darken leather and make it less shiny. I don't think you will ever use it on a Choo. Skip the conditioner.

    If you do use the spray, please do so in a well ventilated area. I spray mine outside or in the garage. Do not spray outside if it is below 40 degrees.
  10. Thanks Jburgh! Good to know, it's 27 degrees here right now. :blush: I'll just get the cleaner and spray then.
  11. 27 degrees and you're still in stilettos!? Girl, you are brave. :yes:
  12. Yes Ma'am.. Brave :boxing:- and maybe stubborn. :noworry: ;)
  13. Okay, I just ordered it the protectant and kit. Jburgh - have you ever used the Cleaner?

    I read that the protectant "cleans" leather too? Comments?