suggest which bag suits me the best?


ban BAN ban!!
Jul 5, 2006
recently i've been looking at coach again :wtf:

after selling 14 of my coach bags to switch to i'm looking at coach again..mainly because of the color "brown"...anything in signature only..

i adore that color...and i want to get something from that color...

does anyone know whether this color is available in the outlets now? can u guys suggest any? im normally carry smaller bags... (like the size of LV speedies)...what bag do you guys think i should buy? and...any pictures? i am not familiar with the names of coach bags..though i do LOVE the hamptons line! that is my absolute favorite!
do you mean khaki signature? just the brown Cs? then you can find the signature in any boutique, and some outlets, call ahead to ask before you go.
tlloveshim: thanks for your help!!! i like the first two...the top one seems perfect for a night's out..and the second one..i love the structure of the bag..but isn't it a bit too big..?
Yes, the 2nd is a pretty good size, just under 12" x 10". Depends on what size you need. I myself wouldn't consider it too big but if you are used to much smaller bags than it would seem big to you. The best thing to do is go to an outlet or boutique to see what they have and try them on. Or to a nearby department store that carries Coach. I also browse through the PF or do a search to find pictures of gals carrying their bags. That helps as well. Hope all that helps you!

I just received this bag, and like the size, style, and comfort of carrying. I see this bag going day to night with the proper clothing and accessories.

I highly recommend this bag to everyone.