Suggest some tees!! Am I getting too old for this?!

  1. I find myself these days no longer donning my usual hollister and abercrombie tees. Before I wore them because they were affordable, especially on discount, 5 dollars a pop, sure why not! But these days I find myself dodging them, rather just wear a tank top underneath a jacket and keep it zipped up. But I need to have some tee shirts i can wear lol. I hate having shirts hug against my underarms for some reason, always have. Any suggestions? Why couldn't I age after I spent the 250 I have in gift cards from store credit at those stores LOL..:Push:
  2. I just bought two really comfy tees from urban outfitters but decided to buy them in Large instead of my usual XS/S and they fit so comfortably. The thread of the tees were 50% cotton and 50% polyester, which is a combination that I love. Here's a pic of one of them:

    Pirate tee.jpg

    Corny, I know but kinda fun...
  3. I like tees by Theory and Three Dots, I think that C&C California is a bit too thin for me. Also J.Crew sometimes has some nice ones for layering, but again they are often rather thin.
  4. 3 Dots are good for me too, and also J. Crew or Ann Taylor for basic tees. I'm super picky about tees as they can't be too sheer or too short.
  5. i love tees, but i rarely wear o standars tees. i need more details or extra touches so it would look special.
    like a slightly longer sleeves, or a cute neckline, or the shape.