Suggest new threads for the Ref Library here

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  1. As new lines come out, please feel free to suggest new threads for us to add to the Library here so we keep our resources up to date.

    And don't forget to add your bags, wallets, shoes, RTW, jewelry, etc! As always, remember to watermark your images so no naughty bandits get to use them for nefarious purposes. :sneaky:
  2. Haha , naughty bandits. How about an ebay finds section. Post the item you found on ebay. That would be cool, or what about seasonally. It would clear us soooooo much mess. Like cruise 2011, spring 2011. I would really like that one a lot.
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    This one:
    Please show us your Tweed & Jersey flaps and bags.
    So that we can share the different colors and patterns both current & from the past.

    Would be nice if the WOC could have it's own separate thread as well instead of being mixed in with the flaps. It's a lot of pages to go through. Sorry just a suggestion :flowers:
  4. ^^^ This one is in the Color Library :flowers:
  5. I would like a thread that compiles the seasonal release all together.


    10A Items and inside would be picture, price, stores and SA contact if available.

    11C Items is coming up.. so it would be good to start building this thread as well.

    It is hard to keep track of them being in all separate threads for SAKS, Neiman...etc.

    Just my 2c.
  6. Oh my. I can't believe that I never noticed :nuts::blush: The tweed & jersey flaps are so beautiful.
    Thanks for letting me know it was there LOL :hugs:
  7. I like your idea!;)
  8. Let's that be a season reference library in addition to the exacting reference library and colour reference library :thinking:

    JetSetGo :urock:
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    Let that be a season reference library in addition to the exacting reference library and colour reference library :thinking: let's start from 11C.

    JetSetGo :urock:
  10. your idea is good!;)
  11. How about how to take care of lamb, caviar, patent, exotic skins

    products proven to pre condition, treat, eliminate dirt, color transfer, odor etc
  12. COLOR CODE Thread for those who are addicted to certain color & those who try to predict what's the color will be like for the upcoming season with the style code info that only we can get from the lookbook!

    A photo sample along with the year/season & type of leather.

    i.e the 94058 royal blue used in soft caviar, stiff caviar & lamb are different in 09P & 10C even they share the same code.
  13. Yes, a ref library of seasonal items would be great!
  14. We will take a look at the idea of the Seasonal sub.

    Are there any lines missing or styles from the current Style Library?
  15. I like the LV "clubs" better than the Reference thread. It accomplishes the same thing but is more fun/active. Any interest in switching to the "club" format??