suggest a zip around wallet?

  1. I currently have a versace pebbled like leather wallet. It's small and compact and I love it, but I find myself not using it because its too classy looking LOL, and I want something more fun in a wallet. But I do like the zip around quality. Can anyone suggest anything else?
  2. I bought a nylon Prada zip and loved it...and now have an Hermes azap zip wallet...I did buy a Chanel zip wallet but have yet to use that one! The Prada zip came from NM and I bought the Chanel from a fellow pf-er! I love having everything safely zipped inside....and feel fine carrying just the wallet into a store if needed...

    BTW, I can show pics of the 2 if you would like a little later...I no longer have the Prada one though...
  3. I am having the same problem! I am trying to find the persfect wallet for me too! I prefer the wallet to fold out though and most wallets I have seen are zip around but have the compartments in sections and do not fold out. I need to have easy access to my checkbook!
  4. I have an amazing Il Bisonte wallet that I bought at their Soho boutique last July. It has tons of room, lots of compartments and the leather is gorgeous.
  5. Cleo & Patek zig zag zip around wallet ebags.jpg Cleo & Patek Zig Zag Zip Around Wallet Red Black.jpg Cleo & Patek Zig Zag Zip Around Wallet Tan Black.jpg
  6. OMG! Il Bisonte!!! That was my first bag I ever had! I still have it! The leather is AMAZING!!!!! I am going to see if I can see what they offer on line!
  7. miu miu did some gorgeous leather ones that came in red blue and brown. they have this gorgeous lining and the zip is so easy to open and close...
  8. ^^Those all sound lovely but are they much longer then they are small? I'm looking for a compact zip around.
  9. urbanheirloom brown leather skeleton key wallet.jpg
  10. il bisonte makes the best wallets them
  11. where did you see them?
  12. here u go :upsidedown: this is the compact version of the balenciaga i was talking about earlier
    // i found the pics in a thread in this forum :shame:

  13. ^^Im drooling over here!! How much do these go for?!
  14. That B-wallet is gorgeous!