Suggest a small dog for me

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  1. Hi everyone. I need some advice. I've never had a dog but my husband loves dogs (never had one) and wants one. My in laws recently got a 4 pound yorkie who is really cute. So what I'd like is a smaller dog, that doesn't shed, that has a sweet temperament, that can stay at home alone at times, that can get along with the yorkie at times. I like the yorkie but don't know much about other breeds. Oh, and i'd like a breed that will hopefully live a long healthy life! Thanks!
  2. Why not visit a shelter or 2 and meet some dogs and talk with the adoption staff? The shelter people should know their dog's personalities and be able to talk with you about the responsibility of living with a dog. The shelter will take care of the spay or neuter before you bring the dog home, and they often offer other benefits that can be fairly expensive if you have to pay at the vet.

    If you adopt from the shelter, you will get bonus points for saving someone's life. :tup::tup::tup:
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  3. There are a lot of chihuahuas in the shelters, but they are known to bark.

    Lhasa Apso is less likely to bark, but can be expensive, unless you can find an older one in a shelter. Shih tsu may be similar, IDK.

    Four pounds is really small. I tend to go for 30-40 pound dogs, but if you are used to tiptoeing around a tiny dog, it might be best to try to match the size so that they can play together easily.
  4. i'd look into the curly haired breed (and mixes). something like a toy poodle. they're going to be less likely to shed. a dog getting along with another dog is mostly up to the individual dog, same with the ability to stay home. but the smaller the dog, the smaller the bladder so therefore can't stay alone as long.
  5. There are many little dogs in shelters. I adopted a Chihuahua mix and she was the sweetest thing ever. The only time she barked was when someone was at the door or she was playing. Small dogs are not yappy if they are trained well.

    If you're looking for a non-shedder, I think poodles are in that category.
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  6. my mom adopted an italian greyhound many years ago. they are fairly small - about 10 pounds or so - they don't bark much, if at all, they get along with all children and other pets, they don't shed or smell, and they have a span of about 14 years
  7. I am not a small dog person - I've always like big pouches! But there is one breed - the only small dog I would consider - the Cairn terrier. My friend had one he lived to be about 14. I met another 2 weeks ago and same things - totally joy!
  8. I have a Yorkie (she's my profile pic) and adore her. She doesn't shed at all, doesn't bark, very sweet and cuddly and doesn't mind when I'm gone all day for work. Only downside- Yorkies can be very difficult to train, so if you're not an experienced dog owner I would be prepared to bring her to obedience school. Agree with everyone else to look into rescues- you can find breed-specific rescues in most areas if you do have your heart set on one particular type.
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  9. I second this suggestion. There are so many sweet animals that need homes. And in many cases, the shelter will be able to give you background on the dog, whether it's good with other dogs, kids, etc.

    If you go to the shelter maybe you will fall in love with one.
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  10. my favourite breed is rescue! :biggrin: all jokes aside, visit a shelter and see if you connect with one of the dogs there!
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  11. Rescue a dog! Visit a dog shelter, there are lots of small little buddies :3
  12. Havanese! The Havanese is a wonderful small dog...they've got hair, not fur, and are hypoallergenic. They're very smart, learn quickly, playful, affectionate, very pet- friendly ( they love cats and other dogs). Child- friendly, don't can research the breed. Our Havanese, Stella is 2 years old and full grown at 7.5 pounds. Me take her everywhere! She brings us much joy!
  13. I had a Maltese and now a Shih Tsu. The Shih Tsu is very mild manner and sweet.
  14. Like clu, I'm a large dog person, but smaller dogs live longer, on average. I also would suggest adopting from a shelter. They can have pure bred dogs as well as mixed breed dogs, which often are healthier than pure breeds. If they are beyond puppy age they usually are house trained (or at least mostly) and that's a big bonus.

    Let us know what happens.
  15. I would recommend the coton de tulear, in the same family as the havenese. I have 2 cotons, 8 and 10 now. They're wonderful, smart, non-shedding dogs. Mine are both in the 9 lb. range, which is on the low end. I believe the range is 9-15 pounds.