suggest a mj purple bag?

  1. something that can be casual and dressy, and not awfully heavy? like both silver and gold hardware, any suggestions?
  2. There is a deep purple color out now that I love. I believe NM has it in the blake and I absolutely would love those two together.
  3. the search of the elusive purple MJ bag continues. believe me, those are tough to find. I think the only way to get one now is to wait for the amethyst blake to come out. there might be some purple perforated bags somewhere if you like those. other than that, once in a while you might see an eggplant or grape colored bag on ebay.

    Good luck!
  4. There are some amethyst bags at Nordies, you should check them out if you're really interested.
  5. okay thanks :smile: problem is all my SAs are in bloomies, so i dont know if i can afford it without my discounts.
  6. oh also i know ebay is a wealth of stuff, but ebay isnt for me, not because of the used factor but because of the ordering online part lol.
  7. I do believe that Nordies is having a presale on their fall collection, I think 15% off on Friday? I don't think the Amethyst blakes will be available that day but they do have some other styles available in amethyst.
  8. Nordies buyers didn't buy the blake in amethyst, that's why I said NM because I heard they had them. Nordies had 3 other types that I can't remember their names off the top of my head. The only bags on sale for anniversary are the small and large multipocket and some stores have some blakes, but not in amethyst. It's 33 percent off.
  9. If you want a discount and don't care if it's not purple go with Nordies anniversary sale bags, but I know you really want amethyst. :yes:
  10. Agree with everyone, Aarti should wait for Amethyst. All the Soft Calf Leather styles will come in Amethyst including Blake, Venetia, Multipocket, Sporty Tote, Bleecker, Flap Satchel, Zip Clutch, etc.

    Which type of bag do you like? I find satchel (2 straps) less casual looking than hobo or single-strap shoulder bag (Sophia, MP, etc), I recommend Blake or Venetia.
  11. amethyst is a pretty color so waiting will def be worth it. The only other purple MJ bag I really liked was the violet stam that came out in F05 and that's very impossible to find.
  12. elongreach- thanks for the info.! I just wanted to clarify: only multi pockets for the Nordies sale- no blakes? The SA at the Nordstroms by me said they were not told exactly which ones would be on sale. We leave this weekend for a wedding and won't be back until Monday 17th. How many days is the sale?
  13. oh i see, darn the one color i chose lol. are the blake and venetia big? i was thinking something that can kind of slouch on my shoulder?
  14. Was there ever a purple Stella??? :graucho:
    Anyone here have pictures of theirs?