Suggest a Hermes bag :)

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  1. Hi Ladies,
    I need some ideas here.. so let's play "Suggest a Hermes Bag" :smile:

    My work environment is very causal, I can wear jeans and t-shirt to work, but I like to "vamp" it up with smart jackets or nice blouse - so as not to look so sloppy. I will wear pants with T-shirts to do the causal do and not so corporate look :smile: And lately I have been adding my twilly :heart: and I usually end my look with ballet flats and or pointed pumps.

    I don't bring work home, I leave my laptop at work. I have my bagmate, an agenda, sunglasses in my non-H-bag. Weekends, I run around doing my errands, bringing my pets to groomers and I work with a bunch of children age 5-9, in a classroom environment. They are full of energy and it's a challenge to catch up with them.

    So what bag would you suggest for me as a first Hermes bag? Something that will give me a mileage as an everyday bag, I am open for ideas right now.:idea:
    • a Garden Party?
    • a Kelly?
    • a Bolide
    • a Evelyne?
    • a Birkin?
    • a Trim?

  2. A Garden Party tote sounds perfect! Casual but smart and can hold up to pets and kids. How about a leather one?
  3. I am going to suggest a Kelly or a Bolide. Both of these bags are classic Hermes and can work with both formal and casual outfits. I would suggest a retourne Kelly or a Bolide in Togo or Clemence. Gold is a great color that goes with everything. I like that both of these bags have the option of being handheld or shoulder bags if you attach the strap. I have a Kelly that I use everyday and I dress very casually , normally jeans and a t-shirts/sweaters with ballet flats, loafers or Keds. In the summer it is usually khakis with a t-shirt. My Kelly works with these outfits as well as my dresses and skirts I wear when I go out or go to church. The Bolide will be a little easier to get in and out of and will fly under the radar more than the Kelly.

    I have a Garden Party as well which is a great bag but I don't use it that much. I like to be able to put a bag on my shoulder sometimes and the GP is not all that comfortable on my shoulder.

    That being said, you really can't go wrong with anything from Hermes so whatever you choose will be lovely.
  4. umm, kelly? you're near to getting a kelly based on your past thread so u just need to wait till your bj kelly in togo arrived. save the money for the kelly.

    2nd, birkin? birkin can be used as everyday bag. birkin + kelly r 2 items u must own from hermes.

    3rd option, trim? i like the trim more than gpt.

    4th option, evelyne.

    5th, gpt.

    6th, bolide.

    so, now u noe my 1st choice of 1st hermes bag 4 u.
  5. I love all the ideas. I went into Hermes for Bolide and came out loving the Kelly. Sometimes, when you like something so much, you do not see the other perspective. So I am here for fresh idea from my Lifestyle perspective and see what I will "end up" with ;)

    Thanks ladies, keep them coming! :heart:
  6. I have recently fallen in love with the bolide- smart and functional (zip top and attachable shoulder strap). A perfect everyday bag. I can't wait to get one!
  7. Rose, I can't wait until you get one, either!!
  8. For your active lifestyle, with pets and young children, I think a messenger bag would be ideal. A bag that is fuss-free and gives you complete freedom to do what you want, including roughing it out. A bag that is young-ish as a messenger bag, but when you want to make it more lady like, readjust it's strap and with the help of a twilly, a nice little sling bag.

    The Evelyne!

    princessfrog, you're not seriously dropping your idea of a Kelly, I hope. I think you just want an interim, fill-the-gap bag till your Kelly comes home to you, right?
  9. MrsS : Nope I am not dropping my kelly :smile: Being an engineer, need to look at things from a different angle, Lifestyle vs Wishlist and who knows, maybe an interim bag ;) I have an ever growing wishlist but I so wish I have a money plant ! :shame:
  10. I suggest a Trim first - a nice classic shoulder bag that can go casual and perfect with nicer outfits, too.

    THEN, a Kelly! The ultimate H bag, IMO!!
  11. I would suggest the Evelyne for now until you get your Kelly. But you'll still want to use the Evelyne even after you get the Kelly because it is such a comfortable shoulder/messenger bag for hands free errands/travel/times when you want to carry an H bag but not the Kelly. Plus at around $1675 it would be a great interim bag since you know you'll be getting the Kelly. :flowers:

  12. I have been dreaming about the one I tried on at KOP! I am going to wait and get my Birkin first but then.....
  13. Rose, which one did you try at KOP???
  14. I tried the 31 (?) cm blue roi ( I think, correct me Ninja Sue if I am wrong). It was a very dark blue. I have never considered a dark blue bag before but I am thinking that I can wear it with black and my jeans, and it would be lovely during the summer too when I mainly wear white. I was told that I can order a longer strap for it if I need to enable me to use it as a messenger as well. I would not have hesitated if I did not have my Birkin order in at the moment.
  15. princessfrog i'm not saying it would necessarily be the best bag for you - only you can decide that, and a trip to a boutique would help a lot to that end, but it's interesting that the bolide is the only one on your list that you did not put a "?" after. subconscious trying to tell you something?

    have you visited

    rose i have concluded that blue, especially a dark blue, is an extremely practical color - pulls an outfit based on jeans together incredibly well, makes white look whiter, and is a beautiful compliment to black, nevermind how well it works with greens, browns, reds, purples, etc. etc. etc.