Suggest a Handbag for me

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  1. hi, i'm going to paris next month and i'm planning to buy 2 Handbags...i already decided on one of the handbags. 1 is a Loewe Flamenco in the mink color..

    i haven't decided on the hard to pick one...i really needed a structured bag..would love some suggestion..thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. Givenchy Antigona?
  3. How exciting that you're headed to Paris! Is there a particular price point you'd like to stay under? And do you need the bag for a particular function? Work? Weekend? Both?

  4. Yeah really excited! Below 1800 euros is my budget. I need it for both,,most of my bags are hobos and satchel. All a bit slouchy.. So i really need a structured bag.
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    Ooh, you can do a lot of damage with 1800! And don't forget to get your VAT back!

    I used to live in Spain but never really checked out the Loewe bags. How much is the one you want? Once we know how much of your budget is free we can throw some choices your way! Ahh!! Pre-shopping planning is always so fun! Don't let it take away from enjoying the actual holiday, though ;)

  6. I know! Yeah i love Tax refund :smile:...i've been researching on so many bags gets confusing lol
  7. Is it 1800€ for both or just the structured one? Cos it'd be awesome to get one Loewe Flamenco and one Amazona. :tup:

  8. Just for the structured one :smile:...i've been saving for so long for this trip lol...the amazona is also very pretty! But kinda want to buy another brand....
  9. Hmm, Celine Nano and Micro should be within your budget (though I saw on the Celine forum that a multi-coloured micro is a little over at 1950€). Would these be too small?

    Photos from google (the Blonde is the blogger, Atlantic-Pacific)


    I think the Italian blogger Chiara Ferragni has one of either size, too, if you want to see more snaps.
  10. I know what you mean. My personal faves from other brands... Givenchy Antigona as mentioned above, Fendi 2Jours, Celine Edge! I'm also starting to come around to the (Y)SL Sac du Jour although I prefer the tiny crossbody version.
  11. Yes, Givenchy mini, small or medium Antigona would be my other suggestion. I'm sure the current prices can be found on the sub forum:


  12. Celine edge is also very nice, i've been thinking about buying that one. The small one is around 1500 which is on budget...the antigona also a good many choices :sad:...

  13. I've been liking the micro, whats a down for me on the lugagge is that they're too popular...hahahahaha...the edge is high on my list. Thanks for the response!!
  14. That colour is TDF! :drool: If that's current season it's going on my list.