suggest a great job interview bag?

  1. I just found out that I have a job interview in a couple of weeks, for a senior level position at a big broadcasting company. (Actually it's a battery of interviews -5 hours- so I'm trying not to be terrified...) Of course my first thought was...what's the perfect bag to wear?

    I'll be wearing a suit :yucky:, either black or light brown.

    At first I thought I'd want a shoulder bag instead of handheld, so I can have my hands free to shake hands and hold my portfolio. But I've also considered a tote - not huge, but large enough to hold my 8.5x11 portfolio & necessities. As for price range, I could go up to $1000 for the right bag.

    For shoulder bags, I already have a Damier Speedy with a long strap, a Balenciaga Box in Rouge Vif, and a black Hayden-Harnett Havana, but none of those seem quite right. I do not want to wear a logo bag, but otherwise I'm pretty open. Broadcasting in general is inherently conservative, but with a healthy streak of funky / trendy.

    Any and all suggestions gratefully appreciated!:yes:
  2. Hi there,

    I'm in love with Belen Echandia right now and the CS is just amazing, so I would suggest the Indulge me in either Tan or Black?? I'm jonesing for one in black myself, but that will have to wait until later.

    I like that the bags are not main stream and again did I mention how amazing the CS is???

    The website is and the style is Indulge Me.

    Have fun.

  3. Nice stuff! Do they all have that gorgeous pink lining?

    I do love the dual straps on the Take Me Anywhere. Indulge me is great too, but sadly, I can't do dual shoulder straps. I also like Carry Me With Style...
  4. I think a nice Tod's in black. I have the Tod's Moccassino. Tod's is pure class. It is a structured bag though, in a soft leather.
  5. It's a little over $1k, but a black Lambertson Truex like this one would be nice:

    That said, sometimes it's better to tone down for job interviews (price-wise). There's a certain line of thinking that women who spend too much on handbags are frivolous--obviously I disagree, but if you don't know who you're interviewing with, it might be better safe than sorry. This is only applicable if you're not in NYC.

    If you wanted to go that route, I'd say something like this:
  6. ^ I think the cole haan bag is adorable!

    But honestly, if you're going to buy a new handbag, get one that you can use further down the line, esp for work. Don't just buy it to look good for the interview.

    I like the plain leather Coach handbags too. Understated but classy.
  7. YSL Muse
  8. I completely agree with you on toning it down for a job interview - that's why I don't want to bring a logo bag.:p

    Thanks for the Cole Haan idea - I love their bags! I like this one because it has top handles and a shoulder strap, and it's roomy but not enormous:

    I like this one too - a bit bigger than I wanted, but it's made of that yummy Village leather:

    Another thought I had...what do you all think about this one, in black or dark brown?
  9. I agree with you completely. Even $200 is too much to spend on a bag that I'll use once and then stick in the back of the closet!

    I like the plain leather Coach bags too - I'm glad they have come back around to making them, after focusing on the signature canvas bags. The only thing is...everyone and their sister carries Coach here, which makes it kinda boring IMO.:p
  10. Gorgeous! Is it heavy, and is it lined?

  11. I haven't actually got one but have been doing lots of research and coveting! it's unlined so the interior is the suede side of the leather. It does have a zipped interior pocket and 2 open pockets. It weighs about 2lb's so i've been told. With the suit colours you are thinking of wearing the chocolate brown version would look great!
  12. If you are planning to use this bag later, go with Tod's. They are a pure class and quite formal bags for your new position.

    If you need one-time use bag, I'd buy nice nylon laptop bag, like Sumdex "She Rules" briefcase (less than $100).


    Good in-between variant is Catalina by Hayned-Harnett (around $400 I guess)
  13. Love HH, and love the Catalina - good idea!