Sugary milk at the bottom of the cereal bowl...

  1. Sugary milk at the bottom of the cereal bowl: gross or awesome?

    AWESOME. I wish milk came flavored like cereal. Sometimes I will even drink all the milk out of the cereal before I finish the cereal just to pour more milk in.
  2. LOL...awesome! That was always the best part!! I don't eat cereal anymore but reading your posts makes me feel like a little kid again!
  3. Awesome. Sometimes, I add more sugar to make the milk sweeter.
  4. Gross. I use vanilla soymilk so my cereal is already sweet enough.
  5. I used to add extra sugar when I was younger so I would have more to eat at the end of the bowl. So delicious!! I also love the end of the cereal box when you get all the cereal crumbs with the sugar milk... Yum!
  6. Gross, lol! I've never in my life liked sugary cereal, even when I was a kid...I have a bizarre natural addiction to anything bran, with very little sugar. Loved those huge squares of shredded wheat, you know the ones that just came out of the box like a giant wheat log :p
  7. Shivers. In my case, it would be sugary lactaid so definitely ick. I prefer to only slightly barely moisten my cereal. And, I drain the spoon of any liquid before every bite.
  8. When I was little, I loved it... now I think it is pretty gross and I don't touch it. I still like my sugary cereals though:smile:
  9. Hahaha nice topic. I'd say it depends!
    I don't eat much cereal, but if it's cocoa puffs, I love it! It's basically Chocolate milk!
  10. Awesome! I miss the days when I could eat cereal that way. I used to add more cereal to the leftover milk until it became almost sludgy, there was so much sugar and cereal crumblies in it!
  11. Yum cocoa puffs are good! So are cocoa krispies. Oh, I just love cereal... there's not many that I won't eat!
  12. awesome!!! and i do that too:p
  13. My nutrition teacher was telling us that when she could not get her kids to eat fruit she actually would take a bowl of milk, cut up bananas, and sprinkle with a little sugar. She said they loved it, and it gave them potassium and calcium together and fruit!
  14. Awesome!! But only IF I added the sugar myself. I only eat regular Corn Flakes with a bit of sugar. But gotta love the milk in the bottom!!
  15. Awesome! I usually finish the milk at the end... =P