***Sugarcookie72's First BV. YEY!!!***

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  1. Hi All! I just got my first BV and I'm so happy to share it with all of you! So in love with the quality and workmanship of Bottega :hbeat:

    Presenting my large Veneta in Chene! The dustcover is so soft my doggies turned it into a snuggle blanket.

    Attached Files:

  2. Very nice!:heart:
  3. Loving all of them (includes bag)! :smile:
  4. Oh, how cute! And that's a gorgeous bag, too! I love that color! Congratulations!
  5. Gorgeous! I love chene. It's a beautiful color.
  6. Love it! :love:
  7. Congratulations. Love the color and doggies too :smile:
  8. +1!!
  9. Add me to that sentiment as well. A classic!
  10. Great bag ! Dogs stole the show. Adorable!!!"
  11. So beautiful- the dogs too ofcourse!
  12. Same color as my veneta but mine is in medium size I've used it everyday for at least a month and I even love it more and more because right now it's slouchy and very buttery.. .Yummy Gorgeous color!!! BTW your dogs are super cute :smile: .Enjoy!!!
  13. Thanks for your sweet comments, everyone! :flowers:
  14. It's beautiful! These are so comfy. Haha--love the dogs, too!
  15. Excellent choice! Enjoy!