Sugar free products kill dogs!!!

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  1. Miss Celie got into some sugar free gum and I had no idea it could be deadly! Apparently the sugar substitute xylitol is found in all kinds of food products and is usually lethal when dogs eat it. It can cause hypoglycemia, seizures and liver failure. We were advised to give her activated charcoal (we burned a slice of bread to a crisp and she ate it ), food every hour (to keep her blood sugar elevated), and water every hour (to keep her hydrated. This was Saturday night and we closely monitored and nursed her til Monday night. She seems unaffected and out of the woods. This is by no means meant to give any medical advice to anyone...I'm just sharing what I experienced and hoping to prevent someone from learning this the hard way.
  2. Thanks! I'm glad the dogs okay. I actually read something about Xylitol in Puppies for Dummies.
  3. Thank goodness your doggie is okay. I also just found out the chocolates are bad for dogs too.
  4. Now I know that dark chocolate, raisins, grapes and sugarfree food products are potentially fatal when ingested by dogs. Let's not even mention some dog foods recently, geez!
  5. Thanks for the info. I have never heard of that before.