Sugar daddy & Luxury spending

  1. Please forgive me for this thread. I was thinking about many women & men on the purseforum that faithfully buy luxury items all the time like myself. I know some people work hard to afford what they have, many set money aside, then on the other hand they have someone else picking up the tab. For instance I work to purchase my items and save money. But I notice alot of people who I met in college like myself or a little older have sugar daddies or sugar mamas taking care of their hefty spending. I have one friend gets at least 10,000 a month from 2 sugar daddies to help with her spending she does not work what so ever. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that but sometimes I wonder if many people here have someone really generous handling their luxury spending. If you perfer not to share that's fine. :whistle:
  2. Sorry, but this is an odd post.
  3. Ditto
  4. I save and buy all my own bags, clothes and cars. I'm proud of that fact and I don't care how others find their lifestyle as long as it doesn't effect me.
  5.'re wondering who on the forum has a sugar daddy picking up their LV tabs?

    Umm...does a having a husband count?
  6. It may be odd to you but there are people out there that may have some picking up there tab when spending large amounts of money
  7. I can't imagine that you're going to get a lot of "Oh yeah, my sugar daddy buys all my LV!" responses...LOL

    My answer? No, but if you know of anyone who is looking for a 36 year old mom to buy bags for, here I am!
  8. No having a husband is different. I'm curious because I know quite a few people that have many sugar daddies dishing out large amounts of money for shipping, cars, trips, etc. I just wanted to see if anyone could share their experience or a story about someone they may know that has one. Personally I think it's generous for someone to have that but others may find it severaly wrong.
  9. You might not be doing it intentionally, but this post makes it sound like you do place different value on buying yourself vs receiving gifts. I can imagine not many people will feel comfortable telling you who pays the bill if they feel you're judging them.
    Strange post and a tad offensive - sorry. :/
  10. That's so weird. That's not normal to have a sugar daddy.
  11. HEY! I want a sugar daddy too! I don't think my husband would mind too much. It'd save him some of the trouble :lol:

    Send one my way!
  12. Lol. That's the point I don't get why people try to hide that. I know several people that have sugar daddies. If you have one that handles your needs then you just do.
  13. I'm not judging anyone. If someone wants to pick up the tab and pay for everything that's fine with me.
  14. :lolots:
  15. A sugar daddy is usually an older guy who buys you stuff in return for "favors"