Sugar & carbs in general...

  1. Is consuming sugar (mainly granulated in coffee and the occasional chocolate/sweets) and eating carbs going to make me gain weight? If carbs are bad, which are the ones I should avoid? I am allergic to wheat so I can't eat those kind of carbs...I have heard so many conflicting things that I'm not sure if I should eat low fat, low carbs...:cursing: I also have IBS and it's been more irritated since I had my gallbladder out so carbs seem to do good in my system (pasta, bread, etc.). Yet I know these aren't the best for me :shrugs:

    Is coffee bad for weight gain?

    Thanks for thoughts!
  2. ppl say carbs are bad. but if you look at the old school pyramid. carbs are the thing we should eat most.. just try to eat wholegrain bread.. and not toooo much white carbs..dont worry too much about coffee i think..
  3. Instead of using sugar use honey to sweeten your drinks. You don't have to eat low carbs or low sugar.
  4. Whole grain carbs should be eaten by everyone. It is just the sugar and refined flour you need to stay away from. Noone should eliminate any food group entirely from their diet.

    If you need sugar to sweeten your coffee and dont like the thought of using equal or nutrasweet, have you tried Stevia? It is a natural alternative.
  5. You NEED carbs. You need them for proper body function, to metabolize protein better, to feel your best mentally and physically. Any diet that excludes ANY food group is a lie. You will just gain the weight back and then some if you don't watch it.
    Key is portion size and exercise... sorry, no magic, just watching HOW MUCH you eat and how much you move each day. I personally avoid eating pigs. They're too damn cute and smart, and I am a size 2-4!! You are what you eat! Lol!!
  6. OK, I am going to try and make as short as I can :upsidedown: (but nutritionist in me just wants to keep on talking all night:lol:):

    Carbs turn into sugar which then turns into fat. However, consuming "good" carbs is very important. Oatmeal (fantastic source of energy, but you have to make sure that it's plain oatmeal), whole grain bread, veggies (try and avoid carrots as they are VERY HIGH in natural sugar and I would replace regular potato that is very high in starch with sweet potato), whole wheat pastas (if you have to have pasta), greens, etc. I would also avoid eating carbs after 5-6 pm. Try and replace your coffee with green tea if you can (you can probably have a cup of coffee in the morning but try and avoid it during the day). Don't buy into the law-fat, no carb BS!:nuts: You HAVE TO HAVE fat in your diet. Olives, olive oil, tofu, etc. are the best for getting "good" fats in your diet! When having salads, DO NOT use all those store dressings (even if they do say LOW FAT)! They are VERY HIGH in sugar (which will turn into fat anyways!). You can have an occasional sweet (we are not made of steel:lol:)! Dark chocolate is VERY good you (but do know to limit yourself)! Anyhow, if you are interested, I can post a few sample menus (just to give you an idea).:smile:
  7. Thanks for the info, LV Addict. I'd love to see a few sample menus. I've just been told by doc my cholestrol is 292 and I need to make some changes. I'd like some ideas. Thanks!
  8. i 2nd stevia! i havnt bought it yet but tried at a friends and its really really good as an allnatural sugar substitute. And since you only have to use the tinest amounts, the price is very good!
  9. yay LV_addict id love to see some sample menus too thanx!
  10. I would love it if you could post some menus and even break it down a little if you can (since it seems you really have a great passion) I am currently seeking a nutritionist and would love anything else than can help me.. thank you!
  11. Balance is the key IMO. That's the problem a lot of people have, we don't balance the food group consumption.