Suffering to wear a Paddy!

  1. I was out shopping last weekend and I realised that I was actually losing the feeling in my fingers, my bag was so heavy :wtf:

    I had to keep moving from hand to hand as my fingers were going red too...... but I refuse to take the lock off :lol:
  2. Of course. I'll even let it get to the point when my arms drop off before I will remove the lock - LOL! After that I'll sling the thing around my neck. Once my head drops off....well - I guess you won't see me here then.
  3. :roflmfao: ROFLMAO^^
  4. were you carrying a regular classic size paddy or bigger? I had the Tall Satchel, put keys, wallet, sunnies, lipstick in it, carried it once, and was so lethargic from carrying it that I had to take a nap!!! I don't find the classic too heavy though...
  5. It's a regular size, I think (lol)
    But I do carry loads around..... I think there's 4 sets of keys for a start!

    Have you noticed the way the forum changes the word n a p to a link to Net a Porter?
  6. hehehe i was thinking just today of the possibility of me getting a black paddy!! i know i have tried it before and i was sooo turned off by how heavy it was to me. but i dont know.. cause my everyday bag is a chloe box edith (loaf edith). a smaller version of classic edith. and i am ok with it. hmmmm maybe cause my edith its not a shoulder bag. so i am not feeling its heavy..
    decissions decissions :sweatdrop:
  7. that is one thing i'm wondering too~ cos the lock just looks really heavy~ and the bags itself are not light either~ but without the lock the paddy is not a paddy!
  8. :yes: Yep, my shoulder kills after a day out with my Paddy too. I won't take the lock off though. I love the look way too much :sweatdrop:
  9. Can you carry less stuff in your Paddy? Might make the bag somewhat lighter don't you think? :graucho:
  10. ...... but I refuse to take the lock off :lol:[/quote]

    That would be a major faux pas!
  11. I never knew what people meant when they complained about paddies being heavy.... until a recent holiday, where it was HOT and humid - I was astounded at the heaviness of my paddy! I was seriously walking around like I'd been drugged; I was so lethargic and grumpy and I kept shifting the paddy from shoulder to shoulder and feeling sorry for myself LOL

    ... still didn't take the lock off, though! It's just not a paddy without the lock.
  12. what about the mini paddy? is that ok? I just need to check it out sometime I guess.
  13. Definitely n ot a Paddy without the lock. maybe we need a "Paddy Pain Club"....for Paddy afflicted injuries!
  14. Well I do take my locks off sometimes. It looks more casual, and when I'm with my three year old I don't want the lock to bash him on the head when I bend down!
  15. I took the lock off on several occations when I know I will be out and carrying the "brick" for more than a couple of hours. It is heavy for sure. Even without the lock, it is still heavy.