Suffering depression - please help!

Sep 12, 2006
Hello ladies and (few) gentlemen.

eBay: New Hermes 50Cm POTIRON PALLADIUM BIRKIN eBoutique (item 110072865544 end time Jan-03-07 15:39:31 PST)

How much would this birkin 50 retail in Belgium-Paris?
I am so stupid, and depressed.
Bought a kelly bracelet, mini bolide, hermessence, fruit key chain, I went trough the whole shop, THERE IT WAS: a black birkin/hac 50 (I want a grey or brown)
In stead of asking the price i was too distracted by other things...
This is my dreambag!!!
Is it possible to buy this bag in Paris immediately? or at my store in Brussels (Belgium)
Can somebody give me some more info on prices (euro) and other things about this birkin 50 or a 45...

Thanks guys
You rock!
Ps: I wish you a happy 2007 with many ORANGE BOXES!!!
Hi clocharddeluxe, that is a gorgeous bag indeed and eBoutique is a very reputable eBay seller! I usually see the larger Birkins and HAC's at the Paris store but I'm sorry I can't help with the prices. They are priced well considering their size. Why don't you give 24Fbg a call to check if they have what you want? Good luck!
In the U.S., they run about $8150- in clemence leather and as high as $9500- in vache liegee. The travel Birkin is very heavy to carry as a tote all day. If you intend to use one as a briefcase, I suggests to get a 40cm Birkin instead which is less wide and lighter as well. I also noticed the 50cm Birkin in vache liegee is lighter and more rigid in structure compared to the ones made in clemence leather.
they had a travel HAC in orange togo and ebene???togo (price???5600EUR) and a travel bolide in orange togo (3400EUR) in paris 2 days ago on the shelf!!!!
Call and ask!!!
Good luck!!!!
Its very very easy to locate this size in FSH Paris.. visit them and its likely to find what u want.. unfortunately, they dont give any information via phone, u need to visit them and check their inventory!!