1. What are you ladies' opinion on the suede leather? Would you consider that as a regular leather or a semi-exotic leather? I have trouble associating it with regular leather because the texture is so different, just as I have problem doing the same with vibrato (call it cognitive dissonance if you want:P ).

    I am contemplating getting a fuchsia suede JPG Kelly clutch with gold hardware in the future instead of getting one in lizard, what are your takes on it? Is suede high-maintenance? Does it cause color-transferring?
  2. Well, honestly, I'm not into suede at all. I think I'd just worry about it getting dirty and the texture does not appeal to me.
    Kou, if you love it, go for it because I think you'd take great care of it.
    If you want an exotic fuchsia clutch, lizard or croc would be my choice!!
  3. Suede in a clutch. Forget it. Finger prints. Oils from fingers etc. NOoo way. Not a good long term investment given the price of these bags.
  4. Although I totally agree with this....I LOVE the look of suede! Assuming no color transfer, imagine the suede clutch with dainty Hermes gloves :heart: :heart: - swoon!
  5. In my head I know you are right and for that reason I probably wouldn't get one...but in my heart I yearn for a suede Kelly clutch. They are gorgeous! :love:
  6. If that's what your heart truly wants, please don't let anyone stop you. Just know what you're getting yourself into.
  7. Oh, I agree! :yes: Maybe someday after my future Kelly. I gotta get serious about saving for her and stop buying scarves. :lol:
  8. BTW, their suede has got to be the softest I've ever felt. Not helping, am I?
  9. I saw a mini kelly in suede and it was amazing!! I couldn't stop thinking about it for weeks! If you want it go for it!
  10. Suede is very pretty to look at. But it is not practical. I had a suede bag, and it became helpless looking after using it for a couple of months daily...:Push:
  11. Mes amis, I didn't say I didn't think they weren't beautiful;) I don't think they are practical. I have a suede Gucci bag and I kept a little suede brush in it at all times because I had to brush it during the day when I was wearing it:amazed: And that was a bag with handles:sad: Imagine a clutch:yucky:
  12. I'm a suede lover....I even have a pair of suede and leather Puma sneakers that I've worn into oblivion. But.....I personally would not buy an Hermes clutch made entirely out of suede...not at these prices. You have to really, really be careful and after a few wearings no matter what you've done, it'll look a bit worse for wear. I MIGHT do it if I had a lot of disposible income and I went to gala events but even then I'd probably opt for an exotic skin over suede.

    There was a lovely mini suede Birkin at the SF store on Saturday that we saw. THe SA showed it to Crochetbella and took EXTRA care with that baby. He even placed it gently upon a large felt square before allowing us to look at it. And forget about touching it! Oiy!

    Anyway, I hope I didn't completely squash your hopes for one....I just think you should know all the ins and outs before buying one.
  13. Hehehe I held that mini suede Birkin for about 30 seconds. :biggrin: Oh, if I would've had the $7900 or however much it was I would've bought that baby in a second. :lol:
  14. Kou, I love how the suede LOOKS :P , but I wonder...
    in a hand held purse would the suede change color or stain ? I would love to know how the hermes suede wears. I also had a suede gucci bag that I had to brush all the time:yucky: and in humid weather it stained my jacket.:Push: (my husband jocked...( that) I brushed that bag so often, that did I think it was my dog?):shame: :lol:
  15. I love the look of suede, but I don't think I could ever do it on Hermes. Maybe Coach - but even I wouldn't get a suede coach. I don't think they last very long - will tend to get worn out in several places.

    If you can swing it though - and won't use it daily...I bet it's just beautiful! Hermes doesn't usually go wrong!