Suede Zip Bootie about $232

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  1. Hey Ladies-I was in the co-op (Barneys) in chevy chase md on wed & saw the below in a pretty smoke/darkish blue suede - the display was in a tiny size but they may have had more - sorry I didnt have time to ask - I thought they were kinda cute & you cant beat the price - they were either $310 or $305 w/ an additional 25% - I'm sure they'd do a charge & ship - Hope someone who loves them grabs them ;)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]Zoom View [​IMG]
  2. oh great shoe! did they only have it in the suede blue color? any other color or leather?
  3. thanks for sharing that
  4. Thanks so much for this I will call them first thing in the morning I've been on the hunt for this shoe and Barney's was the only place that got this color! :yahoo:

  5. Hi Luxlover - I only saw it in the smoke blue color - they had one other pair of black suede wedge cl's w/ a little cutout & small boe at the toe & i cant remember the price of those - they were nice but nothing to write home about - the blue was more different but no i didnt see any other colors. :smile:
  6. I never new the Barney's Co-op carried CL's. I am going to have to check it out.

  7. I was surprised to see them too ronsdiva ! They also had the beautiful multi color glitter/sparkle CLs - i could not resist touching pretty! felt like i stumbled on a treat ;)