Suede vs Leather-please share your Louboutin knowledge

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  1. Greetings to all you wonderful TPF's !

    i am brand new to the Christian Louboutin world and have just purchased my very fiirst pair of suede Bianca Bottas which I have had for 3 days and not even taken out of their box yet. I am slightly nervous.

    I went to buy them in leather but they did not have them and I loved the suede I got the suede ones !

    Now I wonder if maybe I should have waited for the leather because suede can wear quickly-black suede can end up looking like grey suede.

    I am going back for the Miss Tack Booty (in leather) when my size arrives this week so I could trade them in.

    My DF says to keep the suede and get the same in leather but I don't know.

    Does anyone have any advice/ insight on suede vs leather?

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    Well... for most of my boots which I wear in rain, snow, and all sorts of harsh weathers, I always prefer kidskin/calfskin leather.

    If you know that you'll be wearing them regularly rain or shine, definitely suede is a bad idea. Suede should never be in contact with water or snow. Even the best cobbler can't bring back the fluffiness of suede after it's been through such conditions.

    I have the Bianca Botta too in smooth calfskin. I personally don't wear this pair that often, so I wouldn't mind it in suede.

    It really depends on for what purpose you'll be wearing them. I don't see the Bianca Botta as an everyday boot, but Ms Tack - yes! I was looking at this myself before too and it seems like a great boot.
  3. I love the look of suede but I try to avoid it because they are so high maintenance. I spray all my suede shoes with Meltonian to help protect them from light rain exposure. If I bought boots intending to wear them in colder weather with possible snow (also Canadian), I would have waited for the calfskin leather.
  4. also another canadian here, and i tend to stay away from suede if i want practicality and maximum use out of my shoes. you definitely have to be more careful with suede as it can't be exposed to water and is prone to rubbing/fading in areas and i prefer to not have to be so careful with shoes.

    if i were going for boots, i would definitely choose leather so i could wear them through the fall and again in spring no matter the weather!
  5. suede is more high maintenance, i wouldn't wear them daily as they get stained and scuffed easier. both will stretch similarly, so just decide how often it will be worn-- occasionally? or weekly, all day?
  6. I prefer leather boots myself. For many of the same reasons listed above. I think my suede shoes/boots just look older faster too. They don't age in a way that they look better like some fine leathers. If you can have both, then why not? Then you can decide for yourself! Wear your suede boots on days where you trust the weatherman and your leather boots on the suspect days! Regardless, enjoy them!!!
  7. First of all I would like to thank everyone who helped me with my issue!

    I guess I have to return them-as much as I LOVE them -you all have enlightened me to the perils of suede.

    I hate returning things and never do-usually I give them away rather than facing the return procedure but I will return these.

    Big thank you to all you wonderful Louboutin TPF'ers.