Suede & stretching

  1. I'm considering suede pumps and wondering just how much they really do stretch? I've read here before that they strech more than regular leather this true? I'm wondering things like do they lose shape? Can 1/2 size smaller be purchased? What's your experiences with suede?
  2. Hmm...I was wondering this, myself. I have a pair of suede d'orsay pumps and have only tried them on three times (only being in them 10 mins, total) and the heels are already slipping off. But, then again, this isn't unusual for me. hmm

    Can anyone help? :flowers:
  3. i do not think they lose shape, but they do stretch. that's a definite.

    i have a pair of manolo flats that are black suede and they have stretched BIG TIME over the course of 2-3 years (that's with a lot of wear, of course). i definitely wish i would have purchased a size smaller, because you can always get them stretched if they are feeling too tight at first. of course, becasue it's suede, it will loosen up rather quickly and i can't imagine them being uncomfortable for too long.
  4. Suede stretches more so than regular leather imo. If the shoes are a little lose def go half a size down because they will give.