Suede simple botta, help please!

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  1. Hi ladies,
    I just purchased the simple botta suede in black and the simple botta in black calf. The suede says 90mm and the leather says 100mm on the box. (The same style in suede is advertised as 100mm on the CL website.) I also noticed that the inner sole lining for the calf boot is one piece whereas the lining of the sole for the suede boot is in two pieces glued together (the padding at the heel is a separate piece of leather glued on). Both of these boots were ordered from Saks. I do not own any CL knee high boots but I've never seen the sole inside constructed of two pieces of leather. Can someone confirm that can be the case?
    I'm extra cautious because I did not see the clear sticker on one of the red soles. As it is hard to find these boots in my size, I'd like your option on it before returning it for the reasons above. It fits perfectly!!!
  2. Are you trying to determine if these boots are authentic? If so, please post pictures in our Auth thread.
  3. Yes, they're authentic. Often they're made with two pieces of leather for the insole and for some reason I've found this to be true more for the suede boots/booties than kid/nappa leather :yes:
  4. Thank you!:smile: