Suede Pumps Questions...

  1. So, I have one pair of suede pumps I purchased 2 years ago (black with some nice bow details) and I have worn them no problems in the fall/winter months. I also have black and chocolate brown suede Gucci boots that I wear during those seasons as well.

    Can somebody enlighten me on the rules of suede shoes, especially black, red, purple, etc colored ones? I'm looking to buy a few pairs of Louboutins, some are peep toe, and some are closed toe. But, I want to know what the rules are as to when I can wear them, what I can wear them with. I don't want to look silly wearing suede at the wrong time and with the wrong clothes.

    Also, for the next few months I will be in Ohio where it will be cold, not Miami because I'm doing some rotations where I grew up for a bit.

    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks. ;)
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  3. When I was at Jimmy Choo last weekend, the sales lady told me suede shoes are mainly released for fall. But if you like them, I don't see why you can't wear them all year long (as long as you don't wear suede boots for hot summer days). I think one exception may be that you don't want to wear suede when it is wet outside since suede isn't that water-resistant.
  4. ashakes,

    I don't know of any rules, per se... I'd just say not to wear suede on suede (ie: pairing suede boots with suede pants, skirt, jacket etc.) :shrugs:
  5. Thanks girls. Yeah I don't do suede on suede whatsoever. lol

    I read somewhere today that you can wear suede all year round. So, that was nice to see! And, yes clearly boots are for fall/winter. I decided on the Louboutin black suede closed toe and the YoYo peep toe suede as well. :smile:
  6. Hi ashakes! This is a personal opinion/preference and doesn't pertain to any fashion rule-- I would wear suede in the warmer months but only in lighter or bright colors (teal, true red not burgundy, etc.) and mainly wear the browns in colder weather just because they look "heavier".. with the exception of black that I think you can get away with pretty much at all temperatures...
  7. I totally agree with you! I love suede, but tend to stay away from it in general b/c of water mishaps.

    I'm buying the closed toe in black to keep it versatile and the YoYo peep toe in either a rich red or purple. :graucho: SO PRETTY!!!

    Thanks for you input. I like this forum b/c I can ask a question and not have to think sometimes. lol
  8. where are the yoyo's available in those colors? :drool:
  9. I resorted to eBay for the YoYos. The seller is EXTREMELY reliable. I couldn't resist. I got the purple ones!!! I should have them in a few days. :yahoo:I was like Pavlov's dog when I saw them. I have seen them in red, purple, and a gorgeous darker tan color.

    I'm sure they are available somewhere in store. I just am in Ohio right now at my parent's house so I have to do everything on the phone right now. The closest store that carries Louboutin is still 2+ hrs away.
  10. Sssshhh, borrowed the pic from a seller on eBay. lol
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  12. omg those are tdf!
  13. Love those shoes!

    As the others have said you can pretty much wear them if you would wear the same shoe in leather. I just wouldn't wear them with a suede skirt/pants.
  14. Very cute shoes! Love the purple shade!
  15. I suede protect all of my suede shoes/sandals, and it really seems to help.