Suede over the knee boots ~ are they all "slouchy" and is this the look?

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  1. Just wondering about suede over the knee boots. I've tried on a few pair that I really like, but they seem like they would get "slouchy" after wearing them and kinda bunch around the ankles. Is this the case and if so is this ok?

    I guess Im used to leather knee high boots that are more stiff and structured, and I'm wondering if this look is ok.

    Also, they seem to make my legs look wider from the side ~ which was the case with a pair of leather over the knee boots I tried on as well.

    I don't want to look heavier, but is this just the style of over the knee boots (unless they are stretch?)

    Hope this makes sense~
  2. not all suede OTK boots are slouchy - louboutin makes several non-slouchy styles, and I've been wearing these stella mccartneys for a full season now. They've remained non-slouchy (^(oo)^)

  3. to answer your second question, I generally find OTK boots make my legs look slimmer, not heavier - what kind of outfits are you trying them with?
  4. Those are FABULOUS boots!!

    To answer your question, I tried them on with skinny jeans and with a skirt. These are the boots I'm talking about

    They look ok with the jeans, so I'm sure they would look good with leggings as well, but what do you think about with a skirt?

    I really want something casual, to wear everyday to the grocery store etc. but that I can also wear out to casual dinners etc. thus the wedge heel. I tried on a pair of Frye boots at Neiman Marcus that I loved, but I really wanted a heel rather than totally flat. The Fryes seemed to make my legs look heavier from the side as well.

    Basically they look similar to how they look on the model on Saks website. What do you think?
  5. I LOVE over the knee boots and I am short with scrawny legs, so trying to find a very fitted pair that lengthens me rather than bunches and makes me look squat is somewhat difficult. I just found these in Saks and tried them on and they are PERFECT!

    They also come in a traditional heel, if you don't like the wedge (but I tried both on and liked the wedge better. Edgier feel).
  6. the link just takes me to the saks frontpage . . . eep! said the little piggy - encountering technical difficulties! ( ' (oo) ' )
  7. these look cute, espl. since the OP said she preferred a wedge! (^(oo)^)v
  8. Sorry! The boot is Juicy Couture Eldora ~ if you search it you will see it. Would love your opinions!

    I really like the Sigerson Morrison's but trying to spend less than those.

    Thanks for your opinions!
  9. Any opinions on the Juicy boots? Thanks!
  10. Yikes! Just googled them and you're right that particular pair looks really slouchy. They even make the model's legs look bigger (and I'm sure they're not).

    They're not a wedge, but I am LOOOOVING the Sam Edelman Vesey suede boots. You can find them on Nordstrom. :smile: