Suede over Leather Bags? Opinion?

  1. I know lots of you don't really like suede bags. I am just wondering tho for the rest, what make you prefer suede over leather bags? I dont really have a nice suede bag and thinking to buy one, but before I do that, I would like to hear opinion from you guys........ Thanks much!!!
  2. I find my suede bags show more wear and tear much faster, such as getting all worn out on the bottom (unless the bag has protective feet). I definitely prefer leather over suede.
  3. I love the look of suede but I would constantly worry about wear and tear.
  4. I love the feel of it. The colors are rich. I haven't used one a lot though. I only take it out once or twice so mine's in tip top shape and show no wear at all.
  5. I think suede has a depth of color that leather sometimes does not, and it is soft and luxurious. BUT it discolors easily, gets shiny with wear, and there is no way to keep it clean...believe me, I have tried! I don't buy suede anymore. But it IS gorgeous!
  6. I love the look and feel of suede. I have two chocolate brown Coach suede bags (one Market Tote from 5 or so years ago and one Gallery tote) and I love them for fall. In the dark color they have stayed new looking and don't show dirt. But I am really careful with them. :smile:
  7. ^^^Same here I have a Coach tote with Suede on the bottom and I extremely aware of what days and events I am using it for. It still looks great but I think it is more because of how I obsess over than anything else.
  8. i have one suede nappa leather bag from bottega veneta. love the colour, and god knows i love the smell. the colour is sooo bright, but i'm a clumsy girl, and the bag's now dirty as hell. and it's so sad to see a 1k bag that dirty. but it can be cleaned at a leather cleaner service for 30-40$ and it will looks like new :P
  9. I'm with the others. I love suede. Just love it, but I won't have any bags in it anymore. I remember running across the street with a All Suede Coach bag (UNDER MY SHIRT!) because I was afraid of more water spots. I was afraid to sit it anywhere. Some bathroom stalls have no hooks on the doors....UGH!!!! One time I hung it around my neck while using the Loo. Too much trouble.

  10. LOL.....
    thanks everyone for the opinion. i guess it's a no no?!
    only good to look at not practical i guess....:sad:
  11. Oh my goodness! I was balancing my speedy on one arm and then shifting to go on the toilet cause there were no hooks and I refuse to put it down or sit on the toilet seat. That was quite interesting. I can only imagine with a suede bag!

    Go for it if you love it and will take good care of it.
  12. i guess a no-no. i never really use my BV anymore...
  13. yup no no unless its a bag you really must have... plus denim transfers so easily on suede! i cried over an incident like this with my suede coach and topshop denim jacket a year ago. hehe
  14. I was considering the Jimmy Choo suede Riki for around $1600 with tax, and finally decided that it's probably not worth my money trying to keep it clean and pristine all the time. Yes it will show wear faster, get dirty easier, even if it looks absolutely beautiful. I won't even buy my Flamenco dance shoes in suede anymore. These days I won't spend more than $500 on a suede bag. Leather is definitely a better option and worth the higher price.