Suede or Patent Red Heels? Vote please. :)

  1. I like these Madden red heels. Do you guys like the suede or patent version? Thank you!
  2. patent!

    For some reason, i have not been into suede shoes lately.
  3. patent
  4. LG, I have it in black leather. Patent pops more (statement shoes) than suede, but both are nice.
  5. i like the suede better, seems more suitable for fall, the patent is too shiny for my tastes!
  6. I think platforms will be around for several more seasons, but I am guessing that patent will not.

    I would go with suede if your whether will tolerate it (in Seattle it's iffy).:yes:
  7. Patent!
  8. Patent. Suede shoes are a PITA to keep looking nice. :yucky:
  9. they're both gorgeous, but IMO open toe shoes look better in patent...
  10. patent
  11. Patent!
  12. patent all the way!!
  13. patent
  14. Definitely the patent, very hot!!!
  15. Suede, for me. I love suede shoes! :heart: