Suede or leather coffer?

  1. Hubby loved the photos of the Miu Miu Coffer bag in brown suede but now I'm wondering if I should get the leather instead ... I've never owned a suede bag ... will it stain faster?
  2. U can spray the suede with a protectant..BUT in all honesty..I prefer the leather for longevity.I think it will wear better
  3. from my experience - never more suede. Impossible to clean :sad:
    p.s. I just got my leather coffer and I'm soo happy!
  4. Suede attracts everything except men. Go with the nappa.
  5. Leather coffer. =)
  6. I love seude but it is a b****r to maintain and it marks so easily.
    I've the coffer in black nappa and I love it. Even though it's summer (and for once we're actually having one here in the UK!), I used my coffer last week and it looked great.
    If you're looking for longevity (and at the price these bags are, who isn't?), I'd go for leather.
  7. Definitely leather! :yes: