Suede or leather boots??

  1. What do you think looks more chic for tall boots, suede or leather?? I can't decide which one I want. Any thoughts???TIA:flowers:
  2. Personally, I think leather has more "life" than suede. Suede can look a little tired after a few seasons while most leathers look better with age. I vote for leather!
  3. I like leather better, but as you know I got my Bourge Zeppa boots recently and I love the suede. I think it depends on the boot for me.
  4. I personally like leather because you can keep it cleaner than suede. I mean this is a shoe and its going to get all kinds of dirt on it, I just feel that you can wipe the leather clean but it will be hard for suede. That was one of the huge reasons why searched high and low for my Bourge boots!
  5. I'd go for leather bc suede scuffs really easily.
  6. leather too, because of the wear factor and it can be a little dressier if you need them to be than suede.
  7. it depends, with cheaper boots the quality of the leather can be really obvious (especially in black), whereas you can get decent looking suede at a lower price.
  8. Suede is harder to keep new-lookin'. The darker colors turn lighter and lighter colors turn darks! But I also love the suede look for tall boots... less shiny = less S and M. So depends if you want longevity in your boots or not!