suede or cotton velvet?--squirrel spy

  1. All you squirrel spy experts out there--I've called a Fendi store and the store from which I ordered the bag (Neiman's online), and no one knows the answer (Fendi because they don't have one in stock yet)....
    I bought this one (I'm sorry I can't post pictures yet...just this one from the website--I don't know how to use a digital camera...I know that's annoying to everyone, because I really love to see everyone's bags. As soon as I figure out how, I'll post pics!)....and it's advertised as suede, but it feels like regular velvet to me. However, I'm no expert. Neiman's was only able to tell me it's "80% cotton, 20% polyester"--whatever that means...could be the thread for all I know. Anyway, I'm hoping someone out there has this bag, or knows....the background is black with little embroidery points of silver that look like glitter, and inside it's violet silk, and the little spy pouch is an iridescent violet leather, as is the leather on the spy compartment on the handle.
    I really need to know how to care for it...and if I can use Scotchgard on it, but I don't know if it's suede or something else.
    Here's hoping....

    Fendi -  Embroidered Spy Satchel -  Neiman Marcus
  2. ^just from that one picture its looks like velvet, but that's a wild guess. Is the material wrapped around the handles suede? I also don't see how NM can tell you it's cotton and poly if it's actually suede. The cotton/poly mix they described would be velvet.
  3. another vote for velvet ..
  4. I have the squirrel bag in burgandy. It is velvet.
  5. I would not treat the bag with Scoth Guard.
  6. PJ--have you had to clean yours yet? Has it gotten wet or any stains? (I sincerely hope it never does, but I'm curious about how well it recovers and how to clean it. Mine didn't come with cleaning instructions, and I'm still waiting to hear back from Neiman's about it. Just wondering.)

    Enjoy your bag--I *love* that one, from the pictures. Mine is gorgeous, too--just wish the squirrel tails were blue instead of silver...:smile:
  7. dachsiemama, my squirrel bag has not gotten wet yet and it has not gotten dirty. It is my favorite bag!!! I also love that is is lightweight. It is a very durable bag. Enjoy!!
  8. I have the burgandy one and it is velvet and I just love it. It has stained clean and the handles are also fine. I truly love this bag.
  9. I almost bought this bag a couple of months ago, but i got paranoid that i will stain it or that velvet will worn out and got a chocolate spy instead. I still dream of burgundy velvet occasionaly lol :smile: Its so beautiful!!!
  10. Velvet.
  11. I am so in love with that bag!