Suede Onatah Bags

  1. Hi,

    I've been eyeing these bags since they came out and I can't decide if I like them. For the people that have one, can you please post pictures and also if you can, post a picture of you wearing it? Also does anyone have the fleurs edition? I would love to see that! Thanks in advance ;)
  2. I love the onatha but the quality is crap all my friends returned their bag and they got a stor credit.

    The color transfer and the suede scratches to a point that you can't imagine
  3. I have the maiis PM but I don't use it much, it's a little to small for me plus the weather in Iceland is not suade friendly.
    Picture 034.jpg Picture 033.jpg Picture 031.jpg
  4. I have the Onatah Fleurs GM in Mais, although I haven't really EVER worn it since it's so damn expensive! Here's a couple pictures that have part of the Fleurs GM in the BACKGROUND. I'll try to take better pictures of it as soon as I get a chance. IMO, it's a GORGEOUS bag!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. MiroirPrincess : thanks for the info about that, ill keep it in mind!
  6. icechick: i love the pictures, thanks so much!

    LVixen: oh my god, i would love to see better pictures of the bag, and if you wouldn't mind, you carrying it.. i'm currently trying to sort out a deal with a yellow fleurs pm but im thinkin maybe i should just get the normal one because the fleurs is expensive but im thinkin i might change my mind!
  7. STAR has one. She did say that the bag collects lint easily because it's suede. Here are pics of her wearing it (from STAR's showcase):
    LV ONATAH! 014.jpg LV ONATAH! 015.jpg LV ONATAH! 019.jpg LV ONATAH! 026.jpg LV ONATAH! 035.jpg
  8. The bag looks really cute, but i guess it's not practical after all, huh...
  9. I got mine in fleur but i never really ever taken it out from its dust bag... since i have heard / read horror stories about the suede.
  10. That bag is sooo gorgeous!!! I love it!
  11. I think the Onatah bags are sooo pretty! I can't wait to see them in leather this fall!:yahoo:
  12. This bag or any bag with suede won;t work for me because my cats love to spread their hairs everywhere..
  13. I can't wait for the leather ones to arrive. I might get the pochette:wlae: