Suede & Nubuck Conditioning?

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  1. Hi everyone. Just got a new pair of nubuck shoes, and was wondering if there are any preventative steps to take before I wear them.

    I've been reading through the threads, and it seems that Apple Garde Rain & Stain is highly recommended for waterproofing, so I know to do that.

    But is there any sort of conditioner that I should apply? If so, any brands that anyone can recommend? Should I even worry about conditioning brand new shoes?
  2. I don't know, but I recommend Ugg Water & Stain Repellent as well.
  3. I have the Walking Company's suede/nubuck waterproofing spray. Works fantastic. I would definitely do it for suede, especially light colors.

  4. ^ITA 1000%...that stuff is awesome..I just bouight a pair of suede boots and treated them with this.......this stuff works really really good...!!!
  5. ^ does it really repel water?