Suede linings on MJ Bags

  1. I have noticed, or it seems to me anyway, that Marc Jacobs has been scaling down the suede linings on some of their bags and wallets.

    For example, many of the quilted bags and ZCs do not have suede or calf linings.

    I am sorry to see the reduction of the suede linings, since this has always been one of my favorite things about MJ bags.

    Which MJ bags do you have that do not have suede linings, or that have linings that you think are especially nice?

    My blake from this season still has suede inside, as does my multipocket. My peanut ZC has calf on the middle compartment and flaps but regular lining elsewhere. But the metallic gold ZC and quilted ZCs I considered buying did not have the calf or suede linings.

  2. is it only soft-calf bags that have suede lining? i know the quilted blakes do not have suede lining, but rather canvas.

    i love my lola collection. they have the following linings, teal suede, yellow suede, and a very pretty deep fuchsia suede.
  3. out of the 3 MJ bags i currently own, my bordeaux blake is the only one with a suede lining. correct me if im wrong, but i think only the soft calf bags have the suede lining.
  4. I think the quilted and patchwork bags are lined in canvas to make the weight of the bag lighter. While a suede lining is luxurious, I find that it does not work well for me for everyday, because it gets dirty to easy.
  5. my blake, daria and christy all have suede. my hudson has canvas and leather.
  6. When MJ bags first came out (2001/2002), they were ALL lined with suede. About 2-3 years later, he switched to canvas for most of the classic collection bags (stella, sophia, etc) but continued to use suede in the Ltd Ed bags made each season - I think a lot of people wanted suede linings, so about 1-1 1/2 year later, all the bags were lined with suede again.

    I think it was the first season of the Stam, when he started doing canvas linings again - now it seems like almost all his bags are lined with canvas instead of suede.

    I love the suede linings in his bags - it's one of the things that first made me love MJ. Some people say the suede makes the bag heavier, but I don't think that's true. The leather and hardware is what makes these bags so heavy - sure suede, might be heavier than canvas, but I don't think it made that big of a difference in the weight of his handbags. Since I haven't bought too many newer MJ bags, most of mine are still lined with suede - my most recent MJ purchases (the Emily and Silvana) are both lined with canvas.

    What I don't understand is why the cost of the bags has skyrocketed while the suede linings have been replaced with canvas? Canvas is obviously less costly than suede, so why the huge price increase???

    p.s. What's with the elimination of the brass nameplate inside the bag? Now he's using gold stenciled lettering? Now that, in my opinion, is worse than replacing suede linings w/canvas!!!!

    p.p.s Oh yea......The Silvana also doesn't have an inner zipped pocket - I thought ALL MJ bags came w/an inner zipped pocket?! Now I look at pics of other bags, and they don't have zipped pockets either, just these small "slip" pockets. Just another "improvement" I'm not lovin!!!
  7. ^ Agree with that! I hate those slip pockets.. My Sid has a slip pocket that I have no use for.

    I'm glad that he uses canvas for his quilted bags. Can you imagine carrying the quilted blake with suede lining? The blake alone already weighs a ton. The stam is the only quilted bag that came with suede lining, and that season's release is now considered a collector's item. The bags were heavy, but were definitely luxurious. But I've read too many complaints about how heavy these bags were and that's probably why he cut back on the suede.

    I would be terribly upset if he ever discontinued suede in his classic calf bags. In general, I think any smooth calf bag that he makes should always come with suede lining.
  8. I love, love, love suede linings! :love: I just wish he would use beautiful colors like he did in the past.
  9. To me a MJ should have a luxurious suede lining, it is what makes his bags special to me. It is heaven to reach inside your bag and be carressed by that sumptous suede!!:drool::heart::nuts::love::woohoo:
  10. Oh, I am glad it is not just me that is a little confused about some of these "improvements." I agree, I much prefer the suede lining. Even though it's hard to clean :smile:

    I hope he sticks with the suede lining and isn't phasing it out or something - I wish he'd go back to using the different beautiful colors on the suede linings too.

    These are just minor complaints....I :heart: my MJs of course!
  11. i totally agree with you. i have a 05 taupe stam and black baby stam and they both have the suede lining. i had a patent bowler, but i really didn't care much for the cream cotton twill lining one bit. i just bought a Irina, and it has a cloth lining...but i actually dont mind it too much on that particular bag.

    my biggest pet peeve would have to be the replacement of those metal nameplates! i cant stand the new heatstamp with gold embossing! it rubs off and really just looks cheap.
  12. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Rub it in, why dontcha?! :p I promise I won't murder you (you're far too nice), but I really really want to steal all of your Lolas!!!!
  13. the suede linings are super luxurious, but make the bags incredibly heavy!

    i have a first season chocolate stam that i do adore, but i make sure to bring it out for lunches and minimal shopping trips because it's just too heavy. i want another stam with canvas, but it's sometimes hard to find one with a dark canvas. i love the ivory, but i'm so afraid of it getting messy!
  14. Really? I never had a hard time keeping the suede clean - in fact, I think it's easier to keep the suede clean than the canvas. I have a suede brush & eraser that I use regularly, but I think what works the best is this large denture brush I have (it's like a fat toothbrush). I just brush the suede or spots where it's gotten dirty and it keeps it nice & clean. The only problem I've ever had is that sometimes the ink from store receipts has "bled" into the suede. This has happened with a couple of my bags & I can never figure out why (I've seen bags on eBay that this has happened to also!). For some reason, the canvas lined bags always seem to get dirtier much easier/faster and they don't clean up so well (I usually baby wipes to keep the inside clean).

    All of my MJ bags are lined with suede w/the exception of my two Stellas - my Violet one has canvas lining, and my Faded Brick Stella has the pinstriped lining (which of all the canvas linings, was my favorite!!) - and the Emily bowler which I bought this summer and the Silvana which I just bought at Nordstroms. There was a time when I said I would never buy an MJ bag that wasn't lined w/suede, but unfortunately, if I want an MJ bag now, chances are it won't have suede lining :tdown:

    ITA!! My Emily bowler has that gold lettering as well as my new Silvana - Whoever came up with idea should be fired!!!:cursing::yucky::cursing:
  15. seriously!:roflmfao: