Suede Lining

  1. Has anyone ever tried to clean the inside of their MJ handbags with a suede cleaner and had any luck? If so what did you use and what were the results.
  2. I personally haven't tried to clean it myself, but I have heard some members having some success cleaning it themselves. I heard a suede brush helps a lot too.
  3. I used a suede brush on the interior and it took out some small pen marks.
  4. I just bought a suede brush and eraser from Target. It made the suede very soft and took off some of the dirt out of the purse. It looks really great! I was pleased with the results as this purse was pretty dirty!
  5. This is helpful information, thanks to all of you!
  6. Magic eraser or a pensil eraser?
  7. The eraser was attached to the back of the suede brush.
  8. Thanks, I will go and get one.:shrugs:
  9. I found it in the shoe department along with the leather cleaners and protectors. Also, I found that brushing the suede first in different directions helped clean the purse and for the tougher spots I used the eraser.
  10. I'm so bummed! Lotion exploded in my MJ purse with suede lining =( Luckily, the suede is a dark purple so its not too noticeable but theres a huge blotch that i'm bummed about. Anybody have any experience getting this stain out? Or any similar liquid stains out of suede? :yucky:
  11. Grace has had lots of success with cleaning out her suede linings, hopefully she'll come along with an answer.. I noticed that I had a small stain in my Amethyst MP recently and I'm not sure what to do about it either!
  12. I would try to blot out as much of the lotion as possible. Then I would try to brush it out as best you can. I have never had lotion in my purse so that is the most advice that I can give you. Maybe brush the inside for several days and see if that takes care of it. I have cleaned minor and major dirt from suede and have been pretty successful. The brushing will get your suede back to feeling soft and silky again. Hope you have success in getting rid of your lotion!
  13. Thank you Grace! I started to brush it off and its getting a lot better! I'll just be happy if I can get majority of the gunk off!
  14. Is anyone else worried about suede and mould? I've had suede bags growing mouldy before. I guess the climate plays a part, I would hate for my stam to have that problem. What would you do to prevent that from happening?
  15. I would try to store it in a dry area, away from moisture and dampness.. perhaps pulling the suede lining out of the bag will allow it to air out too.