Suede Lining issue

  1. I posted about my poor Venetia that lost a foot, but I forgot to ask about the suede lining. In my bag, the lining seems loose and baggy - it's not adhered to the inside of the bag very well. Is this a common issue? Has anyone had this fixed? I don't have this problem at all with my Pocket Satchel so I wondered if it was a Venetia problem

    But, I figure if I'm sending her off to be fixed anyway, I might as well see if they can do something about the lining!
  2. venetia's suede interior is not loose at all, but my stella's is. it's never bothered me though. perhaps it depends on when the venetia was made? i know they started using stiffer leather as opposed to the softer non-tumbled calfskins of the earlier bags as seasons progressed.

    if the excess material bothers you and/or interferes with the daily functions of your bag then you should have them alter it for you if it's possible. however, i love the suede lining. i wouldn't mind i were given more of it!