Suede lining in all BV bags?

  1. Does anyone know of any BV bags that do NOT have suede lining?
    I'm very afraid that the veneta bag I got through eBay is a fake. :sad::sad:
  2. the cabat doesn't have a suede lining. it is all woven inside and out. not sure about the others. good luck with your bag.
  3. My Catalano Campana (just got it yesterday!) has no lining-it's just thick durable leather, inside and out.
  4. oh Marly, you got it!! yaaay congrats!! so thick and durable that no need for lining, yes?

    --- sorry OT but may I ask how much heavier it is than the woven?
  5. Is it the Veneta style? I think Marly would know for certain, but I believe the lining should be suede. I honestly don't know if they had fabric linings when the Veneta first came out. A few years ago I bought a fake Veneta on eBay and it had a dark brown cotton lining. I didn't know any better.

    Post some photos and we'll take a look.
  6. marly, i love that campana. i don't love the feel of suede so all the unlined bags really appeal to me. what sizes and colors is the catalano campana available in? thanks for the look.
  7. annie-it comes in two sizes. The smaller is about 13.5" wide and the larger is about 20" wide. In catalano leather it comes in black, brown, green, pompeii (orange), a red (called cie), and a creamy bone color (called argilla). It also came in a perforated version (little holes all over) that was interesting, from a few seasons back. There is a perforated campana in the bone color on sale on Net-a-porter right now (40% off!! in the UK section)-I also saw it popping up in some other European NAPs) I know that there is a green Campana available 30% off at the Woodbury outlet store right now. There was an orange Campana at the California (Desert Hills) outlet, but it might have sold-it was there last week. There might be a few other colors I haven't seen, that someone else here might know about.

    :heart:Here's my new black one:heart::
  8. Here's a picture of the perforated campana in argilla on NAP right now:
    bk.jpg fr.jpg
  9. Yes, mid- it's thick and durable.:yes: You could take this out in the rain if you had to. It wipes clean. It is heavier than the woven version-maybe about twice as heavy (?) The woven version is incredibly light though.

    That's why I couldn't use the large Catalano version anymore. My arm was ready to be put into a sling after using it-so very heavy.:push:
  10. My (Net-a-Porter bought) red and black BV from A/W '01 - '02 has a suede lining in the main body of the bag and a monogrammed nylon lining in the internal pocket and the vintage (late '80s - early '90s) BV hobo I bought from eBay (which has been very kindly authenticated as genuine by boxermom! :flowers: ) has a leather (not suede) lining on one side and a shiny fabric lining on the other.

    I'm afraid I have no idea about vintage Venetas. Although, all the Venetas I've seen, over the last few years, have had a suede lining. :yes:
  11. msbuttercup, for the two BVs I bought they both have suede lining (Veneta and Montaigne). Which bag did you buy from ebay? With this info perhaps we can better help.

    Marly, congrats on the wonderful Campana you got! IMO I prefer it to the woven version :tup: