Suede/Leather Protector?

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  1. I just recently bought a Small Chloé Faye bag in black, and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for the most gentle yet effecting suede and leather protector. Thanks!!
  2. With suede i think theres no 100% proof protector that maintains the suede feel. You should google/research this topic and read the 100s of previous forum threads about cleaning and protecting. You'll be well informed i promise - or as least have a better understanding going into the purchase of protector. Research is your best bet.

    I have no suede chloes, but all up i have owned about 14 different chloe bags and still have about 10 ( i think). I have never used any protector on any of them. They handle rain extremely well, just leave them to dry. If you spill anything use some Johnsons pure baby wipes which is just water.

    I once bought a cream paddy which arrived stinking of cigarettes. Yes i should have sent it back but i was feeling confident to remove it. I washed the inner lining in the bathroom sink (pulling it out of bag, used soap) I wiped down the outside many times with a 50/50 mix water/vinegar. Also left it hanging in the sun many weekends. Its the toughest bag ever, cigarette smells gone. no water or any other washing stains to be seen afterwards. Since sold on as cream not my colour after all that.