Suede & Leather fw07 non-moto bag

  1. Firstly, i apologize for not knowing the actual name of this bag, definitely post if you do!

    ^^ it's 6/10 on the Balenciaga website, though.

    Anyway.. While i was at NM Tyson's this weekend i saw a smaller version of this bag with olive green suede and it was goorrgeeous. I tried it on (total mistake, it looked fab!) and now i can't stop thinking about it.:push:

    At the moment buying it isn't an option, but i was wondering if anyone else has bought one/is thinking about it/is lusting over them? Or just simply- what do you think of them? :smile:

    They're are such gorgeous bags.. Price wise i know the smaller one for 1400-ish? i wish i could remember exactly..

    *sigh* Soooo pretty!:heart: