Suede kooba...? Too much hard work?

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  1. Ok..

    So Im just looking at a suede Ginger. I love the look of it but Im wondering how will a suede bag age?
    Is caring for a suede bag too much of a headache?
    Will the fur fall out and leave patches? I guess it can tear much easier than leather?

    Can any suede kooba owners share their thoughts?

  2. I had Suede Coach bags and I vowed never again. Water spots, dirt spots, and no matter how I kept up with using the eraser and brush, it just was progressively worse. I always wanted a suede Maria but I know better. We have alot of rain her and it's just not worth the hassle (to me).
  3. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    :nuts:Offcially 100% on a purse ban until Jan 2008!! I will not give in!!!

    Think you should take this signature off, Halz, it's not gonna stop you, LOL (and we don't want it to..)

    I love:heart:suede, and because practical is sometimes boring, I end up with some stuff that I love to death, but, of course, will turn out expensive in the long run, but heck, if it's beautiful and you love it, go for it, life is too short...
  4. Suede is like a high maintenance boyfriend, they call you at 3am in the morning, they expect you to pay for dinner, they borrow your toothbrush and they eat your last piece of chocolate.

    Only you can decide.
  5. LOL...well if you think about it this way....I have 100% kept my ban. In england a 'purse' is like a wallet that you carry coins in, and I have only bought one of those this year!:P
    Now if I put " Officially on a handbag ban" then I would have broken it along time ago! :lol:
  6. Well, since it rains a lot where you are, I don't think I would. Suede treated to an almost daily dose of sprinkles isn't going to look just aged. It's going to look ugly.

    However, if it was for an occasional use kind of bag, that you only took out on nice days, then maybe. Do you see a lot of suede bags in London?
  7. Yep...ya'll are right. Its a hassle that I can do without.
    But.....the chocolate suede Ginger does look really tempting!


  8. ROFL!:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    You made me snort my soda Ladysales!
    I agree it's a hassle, but I've always had a soft spot for that Lena in forest green suede. I saw one on ebay for sale and even though the seller claimed it hadn't been used very much, it looked like crap.

    Yep - definitely one of those hard-core crushes that are just a bad idea, I think. Best to worship from afar. :yes:
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. Yes, a purse is definitely a woman's wallet, you and me are getting all Americanized here, Halz, LOL

    Will be interesting to see how many times you will have cheated on the ban when we hit January:lol:
  11. I've only had one suede bag, and it was a light tan, which aged way too fast for my liking. But I wonder if chocolate wouldn't be better? I would still not take it out in the rain though.
  12. Thanks for the info ...I almost bought a suede handbag from kooba.
  13. me too, I've been eyeing the suede Lena on the Kooba site. I don't NEED it (when has that stopped me, though) but I was hesitant about the suede.
  14. Suede is not my choice. I had one suede bag and it looked dirty in a matter of days. It would not be my bag of choice.
  15. We've all been eyeing the suede options on the Kooba website Halzer, they are gorgeous.

    With the amount of rain that the UK is getting at the moment I don't think suede is such a good idea, although I agree, they look absolutely fab. If they stayed looking new, I'd have one too.

    Ladysalesrep - you just crack me up.