Suede Jige?

  1. I saw a teeny tiny picture of colourful suede Jige´s in a fashion mag a couple years back. Does anyone have one? I believe one of the colour combos was green/orange.
  2. Nola, here's the picture of my friend's suede Jige elan. :smile:

  3. Gorgeous!!!! I love how she has a scarf as a top too:girlsigh: I wonder why I haven´t seen these pop up in consignment shops, so pretty!
  4. OMG! What a terrific droolworthy idea! :drool: I think that's on my wishlist! I wish they'd make a bleu roi suede jige with patent accents.. Ohlala..
  5. Raz-Oh yes, that´s been on my drool list for ages, I can´t understand why it hasn´t been snagged!

    Shame I don´t have a scanner so I could scan the pic.
  6. I took a pic with my camera, these are what I mean, I don´t remember seeing these on the board.

  7. So cute Nola... love the blue/green!
  8. Those are so cute! I agree - why we haven't seen more of them?
  9. Holy .. this is gorgeous. The colors :drool:
  10. Very very drool worthy indeed.
  11. I saw a bicolor suede jige when I was in Tokyo last year - it was violet body with potiron accents - GORGEOUS...
  12. :crybaby:Ah, why did someone bring this thread back??? The jige is no longer openly available and this only makes me want one even more. :hysteric:
  13. ^ Huh? I still see them at boutiques from time to time... They're still available.
  14. I was told they're not being made anymore, but might be brought back later? I didn't ask for a special order though, maybe I could do that next time I see my SA. I'm sure they didn't burn the drafts for it.