Suede? Help Quick!!

  1. I just called a resale shop and they said they have two Bbags right now. One is PURPLE suede. Does this exist?? The SA was pretty rude and unhelpful, so I couldn't get much info out of her, so I don't know if it's a bag or an accessory. :rolleyes: She said they also have a tan suede bag as well.

    Did Bal ever make anything in purple suede? HELP! If they did, I want to run down there and maybe grab it before someone else does

    EDIT: I didn't see anything purple suede on Atelier.naff, which is why I ask...
  2. I dont know of anything... maybe she meant ponyhair?????
  3. I thought she might have meant ponyhair too, but she kept saying it was suede. :confused1: I tried to ask more questions, but she kept huffing and puffing, etc. :rolleyes: She said it did have a mirror on it.
  4. Hi Chopin i have seen this bag in belgium in purple suede, but is was very used dirty and pale at some places. It looked a bit egplant aubergine purple.
    I hope this is a little help for U.

    Good luck FX:heart: :heart: :heart:
  5. Thanks for the reply! What was the style of the bag? Was it a motorcycle bag or a different line?
  6. This bag sounds very interesting, clopin, I hope it works out for you!
  7. Is that shop also in Belgium labels for less??????
    Because one of the SAs is alway rude over there,but i think its because i always try to deal for a better price because sometimes she so expensive and the bags are very dirty and old???????????????

    Good luck FX:heart: :heart: :heart:
  8. wow, i had no idea. all i know are the old suede bags from 01-02

    but that bag FX pointed looks cute!
  9. Well, I ended up not having time to go down there today, but may try to tomorrow. This particular store seems to get Bbags in every day!
  10. Hmm...i never heard of suede in purple...probably is a limited edition for past season....u may want to drop by and take a look if you like it in actual......usually i only come across like pony or distressed leather!!
    Me:banned: for bbags.....nah.......**