Suede Gucci Bags

  1. I thought I asked this question earlier, but I can't find my thread.

    Does anyone own suede gucci bags? How do you like them? Does the suede rub off on your clothing and is it more difficult to upkeep than the leather gucci bags?
  2. I am looking for a suede gucci bag that I sa it had the old G into the suede.. it was a shoulder bag style..please help??
  3. In another thread I posted this link to help the OP see if she can find the bag she was looking for. But this is the only guccissima brown suede I could find on eBay. Hope this helps!
  4. I have a suede Gucci Goldie. It is my FAVORITE bag. It is absolutely beautiful-- I love the GG stamped suede. However you have to be careful of your clothes.

    At first I had a hard time. But a lint shaver saved me. Here was my problem (contains pictures to show also):

    However, scroll through as I tried a lint shaver which completely fixed the problem! This problem occurs to my clothes from just one time to two times of wearing it.

    This is the number one thing I think you should keep in mind. Certain tops I will not wear this bag with because I'm afraid they can't be fixed but maybe they can and would be fine. I would definitely buy another but yes there is definitely upkeep!
  5. i have a pink suade guccisma bag and ive had no problems at it!
  6. The bag I am loking for does not have little G's all over but a big one..sort of like it did on that bowler but it was part of the suede so not obvious..and it was black, anyone have any idea which bag this is?