Suede flower bag at TJ Maxx...should I get it?

  1. Hello all-
    I was in my local TJ Maxx this evening and saw a fabulous deal on a Coach bag. It's the suede flower large tote in light pink. Here's an eBay listing for the same bag. It's $199 at TJ Maxx. Should I get it? I wanted it really bad when it first came out. It's in pristine condition, too. Hmm...I was planning to wait until the customer event in March to purchase anything else.
  2. If you love it, get it, as I am sure it isn't easy to find anymore. Spring is just around the corner ...
  3. Go for it!! It's a beautiful bag.
  4. I had a similar situation a couple of weeks ago - was at the outlet and saw the embossed suede beaded tote that I had been in love with when it came out. It was seriously discounted too (down to $140 or so). However, I decided that with new lines on the way (and possibly a PCE coming up), I would rather save that money and put it toward future purchases rather than spend it on a bag I couldn't use in wet weather/spring or summer months.

    Now you love this tote and could definitely get more wear out of it than the bag I was eyeing, but I'd use the same kind of reasoning - would you rather have this bag now or save that money and put it toward something next month?
  5. Thanks for the input. I went back this evening and looked at it, but I came home without it. I just couldn't decide. It would be great for school, but since the bottom is pink suede I know it would look dingy really quickly.
  6. i think the bag is gorgous and a steal for the dime. unfortunately i don't have the money. my TJmaxx also has it and i definately thought about it!
  7. can someone repost the link.. i don't see it..

  8. I did the same thing. And when I went back to get it, it was gone! So my loss for thinking too hard about it. Or maybe it was fate telling me to save the money for something else
  9. dont' think there was a pic for it but i'll search for it and when i find it i will post it for you so ur in the loop!
  10. are these pictures of the tote? it's delish! it's BIG for 200 bucks in suede too!
    flowertote.jpg flowertote2.jpg
  11. You should get it. You can always think about it for a couple of days at home and return it if you don't want it.

    From my experience, I usually wait and don't buy something I'm thinking about. It never fails, after I think about it and decide to get it, when I go back, it's ALWAYS gone, and then I'm mad about not jumping on it.

    I've learned my lesson. I actually bought (put on lay a way) a hot pink COACH soft duffle from my TJMaxx this morning.
  12. oh that is a good idea, poo i gotta get the money together so i can put the hot pink dooney & bourke medium hobo on layaway before some lil brat snatches it up! omg! friday hurry up! payyydayyyy
  13. Oooooh!!!

    I may need to go to my TJ maxx post haste! I already own the small one like this.. ( i do have to say it gets dirty though) and I would love the matching big bag..
  14. My local TJ Maxx doesnt always have Coach things (when they do I snatch it up) but i am debating getting some dooney things!
  15. My SA highly advised me not to get suede. I picked up a Hampton's Signature Carryall in this lilac color a few PCE events ago, and he told me that it would become dirty rather easily. I agreed.

    I would not buy the bag if you do not completely love it because a bag is better enjoyed when you love the bag too, not just others. With the 200 dollars, you could always put it towards a bag that you like better at a boutique or other store. :smile: