Suede dooney

  1. Hello, I am thinking of buying a suede dooney but have a couple of questions for those who own dooney. Does the suede get softer over time? I have a coach suede purse and it seems to be much softer. And is there any special suede cleaner dooney offers or can i use any kind?

    Any info is appreciated! Thanks. =)
  2. i stay away from suede. I had a coach suede purse and it was really a bad experience. my clothes would rub off and forever ruin the suede. if you wear light colors then this isnt a problem. you just cant wear dark colors..
  3. I have a black east/west medium hobo and love it! It does soften over time. The prices are so good now on If you get a light color wear it with light clothes because light suede gets awful color transfer. Which one are you thinking about?

  4. The camel one =) I already ordered it, she arrive here this weekend. Is there some sort of suede protector to keep from transfering? like

  5. Nice! I love the camel. I would think the wilson's protector would be good but I would call dooney cs and ask.